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The Angel You Don't Know Album
  • Artist: Amaarae
  • Runtime: 9 minutes, 4 Songs
  • Release Date: November 12, 2020
  • Genre: Afro-Pop

Ghanaian-American artist, Amaarae, Comes through with a newly released 14-track Album Project titled "The Angel You Don't Know".

On The Angel You Don’t Know, Amaarae colours outside the lines and defies sonic boundaries. The Ghanaian-American singer oscillates between the whimsical and authoritative with a lilting cadence, pondering escapism on “LEAVE ME ALONE” whilst nodding to a trap beat on “FANCY”. By smoothly gliding along Afropop sounds, she bends reality to her will—with Cruel Santino (fka Santi), CKay, Moliy and others along for the ride.

Written: Nov 12, 2020

Amaarae The Angel You Don't Know Album Tracklist


Leave Me Alone


Trust Fund Baby



Amaarae (feat. Kyu Steed & 6)



IzikJon Exchange

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cool boy  (2 days ago) 
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kk  (Dec 20, 2020) 
album ain't complete yet 🤨
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Daniel  (Dec 15, 2020) 
This album isn't complete, pls upload the full album.
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Veed  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Stop sneaking boy Xander songs into other people's album, if we wanted his songs we'll download them
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Sookie  (Nov 25, 2020) 
Honestly its very annoying
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Kingss  (Dec 08, 2020) 
@Sookie, seriously it's annoying
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Chidinma  (Nov 15, 2020) 
This doesnt make any put an album and instead of you to put the full album of 12 songs you put only 4 songs...what is e.p??..this is just the definition of incompetence if i may say..and even in santi put only 4 songs out of 12...and you captioned it download the full album of santi...please..if you arent going to put a full album then dont write a full album..thanks
6 like
Timmy  (Nov 29, 2020) 
Yo it's her fvckin album!!!. Your money or resources wasn't required okay, so if u can't take what she puts on the, then take a hike please cuz I don't understand this condemning speech of urs!
like like  Reply 2974 reply0 like
bill  (Dec 09, 2020) 
@Timmy, can you read?
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Zino  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Shey make Devil no fuck you for ass Sha...hwfa upload the files na
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basii  (Nov 28, 2020) 
be polite or you can use Apple music
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Xami  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Abeg complete the album now so we can download it now
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Michael  (Nov 13, 2020) 
y u guys doing like this, complete it abeg
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EMMANUEL OYETUNJI  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Zip file Ńa
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Zip file please
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Kayl  (Nov 12, 2020) 
The album is not complete
Please do something about it
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