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Tems – For Broken Ears EP | Full Album Download
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For Broken Ears EP
  • Artist: Tems
  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 7 Songs
  • Release Date: September 25, 2020
  • Genre: R&B/Soul

British-Nigerian singer and vocalist, Tems, has released her much anticipated debut Extended playlist project "For Broken Ears".

The EP consists of 7 tracks which includes already released song, "Damages".

On her debut, Nigerian-British singer Tems meditates on love, life and relationships, and weaves subtle melodies with airy R&B production in a cool yet refined manner. Wrapping emotions in her arresting vocals, she ponders escapism on “Free Mind”, and explores newfound freedom from a love affair on the tropical-sounding “Damages”.

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Tems For Broken Ears EP Tracklist


Ice T


Free Mind






The Key


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hennylaz tv  (Aug 04, 2021) 
My love for you is beyond extraordinary ..I love everything about you
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Reginald Browne marke  (Jul 02, 2021) 
i love u i love your songs
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Anonymous  (Apr 25, 2021) 
Nice EP tems
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Moyobabyy  (Apr 21, 2021) 
Well,I love her..
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Greatness  (Apr 14, 2021) 
Tems i love one day i go see you e sure me die. You have chosen the right songs
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Donpascal david  (Mar 22, 2021) 
How i wish 🙏 i could meet you and kiss your pretty face. I love ❤️ ❤️ dear
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Floww  (Mar 16, 2021) 
I love you temz❤️all the way from South Africa. Your genre of music 😭😭delights my heart, your beats magical, My Afrobeat African Queen 💕💕💕 continue blessing us you are the 2nd female in the whole world I can collect your every album👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨my first is Rihanna. WE LOVE YOU TEMZ
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Greatness  (Apr 14, 2021) 
No go love am too much oh. nah my wife oh
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Navygee  (Mar 04, 2021) 
Fantastic ep
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Dasilva  (Feb 28, 2021) 
I love you tems
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Gladys  (Feb 16, 2021) 
Her voice texture is💪💪 I can sing like u too😂😂💖
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Feddy  (Feb 03, 2021) 
I love her lyrics❤️
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Feddy  (Feb 03, 2021) 
I love her lyrics❤️
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Gently boy(Danny}  (Feb 02, 2021) 
tem , your too magical in cute
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@am_so_unique  (Jan 25, 2021) 
I love ur song tems, hey guys follow me on Instagram @am_so_unique
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jenaye  (Jan 11, 2021) 
i love her lyrics
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Israel  (Jan 09, 2021) 
I love everything about your songs.good one
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Blessing  (Dec 21, 2020) 
I love u TEMS....❤
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Dasilva  (Feb 28, 2021) 
Shes such a beauty
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Vera  (Dec 20, 2020) 
Madly in love with her songs
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Cyril  (Dec 12, 2020) 
She murders everything in her songs and I love it.
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Felix  (Nov 12, 2020) 
Am mad about this song
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Adeniyi  (Nov 01, 2020) 
I love you pretty I'm so dead gone for damages....great time #1 fan
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Anonymous  (Oct 31, 2020) 
I love you my birthday mate❤️
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Oluwasunery  (Oct 18, 2020) 
I love your voice die, you're too good my dear
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Oluwasunery  (Oct 18, 2020) 
I love your voice die, you're too good to be my dear
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Faith  (Oct 12, 2020) 
I like your music
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YOUNG DAVIDO JCODE  (Oct 03, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Oct 01, 2020) 
Tems to the world 😎
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Anonymous  (Sep 28, 2020) 
No nah Tems killed every track 🦅🤞🏿💯.. Our number one African bad gal😊..🧑🏾🐐😅
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Mphae  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Go girl 💜💜💜🎶your music eh💜💜
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Ogunnaike Samuel  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Tems you to much dear
Always inlove with your songs😍😍
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Michael  (Sep 26, 2020) 
tems Is too good especially the song damages
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Adamu Shemang  (Sep 26, 2020) 
If i no marry Tems, then i never get achievement for this life... Babe is music through & through 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Stunner  (Sep 26, 2020) 
I said same about Adesua now look at me
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Ade Bambo  (Sep 26, 2020) 
😂😅😅 Okay oo
Buh na true. Tems is fire 😍🔥🔥
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Anonymous  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Time fly wish this brethren RIP to his career ..
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Anonymous  (Sep 25, 2020) 
All this thing wain we day do no good we feeding of this people's intellectual property
.honestly na why this industry no Dey grow
4 like
Anon  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Wetin u come find here? See thief the preach for 419 oo
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Agreed  (Sep 28, 2020) 
That's true tho. But then, na Naija we dey.
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Anonymous  (Oct 29, 2020) 
Bros starve na, make ppl wey wan feed feed
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Koko  (Sep 25, 2020) 
The girls song is gift to my ears
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WILLSs!  (Sep 25, 2020) 
Temsssss! the love of my life❤️❤️❤️

Twoone stay clear🏹

How can somebody be singing like this....
Music to the soul.
Nice Album ♥️
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Twoone  (Sep 25, 2020) 
I will marry this girl😄
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Floww  (Mar 16, 2021) 
We are crazy about this girl both male and female 😂
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Donpascal david  (Mar 22, 2021) 
@Floww, Aswr bah
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Biba  (Sep 25, 2020) 
Thank you soul sister‼️@Tems
I can’t go a day without listening to you.
This is a life changing Ep! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Ted  (Sep 25, 2020) 
Thank you the boss
I have been waiting for this album since 18th.

My ears have been fixed
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Bukus  (Sep 25, 2020) 
Link missing😭
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TheBossbadgeTheBoss  (Sep 25, 2020) 
check again
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gavers  (Oct 17, 2020) 
I love her songs if were in Zambian I could have married her
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