Free Download Chike Boo of the Booless Album | Full Download Boo of the Booless Album by Chike

Chike – Boo of the Booless Album | Full Album Download
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Boo of the Booless Album
  • Free Download Chike Boo of the Booless Album | Full Download Boo of the Booless Album by Chike

  • Artist: Chike
  • Tracks: (14)
  • Release Date: February 14, 2020

Nigerian singer-songwriter and actor, Chike has released his much anticipated debut studio album titled “Boo of the Booless” on Valentine's day.

However, on this Project, "Boo Of The Booless", Chike celebrates the love in all its essences as he paints pictures of Eros, Agape, Pragma, Storge, Mania, Ludus, Philautia and Philia on the album, as he ultimately wears the crown.

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Chike Boo of the Booless Album Tracklist

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Anonymous  (Jun 23) 
I love with ur voice right from THE VOICE NIGERIA...I have no doubt that u will come out strong...Michael love bro...Gods grace gat ur back...
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Nick James  (May 26) 
This is the best R&B album ever from Nigeria ever.👍👍👍
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Hugo  (May 18) 
Ur d best...nice songs
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Anonymous  (Apr 13) 
Chloe to the world

I love u💝💝💝
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Anonymous  (Apr 06) 
U are d best chike
Keep it up God gat u back
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Adaeze  (Apr 05) 
Boo of the booless
Chike to the world
I love you loads 😘
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Anonymous  (Mar 03) 
Nice one👊👊👊
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Jesse king  (Mar 02) 
Handsome voice u've got dude
I believe we re d same though am still young
Well keep it up buddy ur voice will b heard on day
Just one day☝️☝️
don't b discouraged bro
Love u!!!!!
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Anonymous  (Mar 09) 
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Anonymous  (Mar 19) 
@Anonymous, Lmao
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Anonymous  (Feb 27) 
Faithful and Forgive are my favorite 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Love u man

More Grace
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Anonymous  (Feb 27) 
Ya the best man keep it up
Especially Running ft Simi I can't stop listeny to that song
Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Anonymous  (Mar 28) 
Keep listeney 🤟
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Olivia  (Feb 17) 
Please which track is boo of the booless? because I can't seem to find it instead it's showing me the full abum
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Runcity  (Feb 21) 
There's no single track with that name... That is the name of the studio album
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Gerald Tanzania  (Feb 15) 
Chike you're out of this world ,damn
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Anonymous  (Feb 15) 
Chile ya awesome
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Ovo  (Jan 16) 
Chike this album right is the bomb!
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Shadrack madu  (Jan 07) 
After watching battle ground movie... I fall in love with anything that related to chike.. ur music is spiritual
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marcelo philip  (Dec 31, 2020) 
if you no love is my favourite song
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Judith  (Dec 29, 2020) 
If there is a song that has given me rest of mind this year is boo of the booless, Thank you Chike for this wonderful track. You are loved
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Kikky  (Dec 22, 2020) 
Your lyrics heals
Your voice is beautiful😊
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Anonymous  (Dec 12, 2020) 
Forgive & soldier are my favorite thanks for this album more grace and inspirations
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Precious Danjuma  (Dec 07, 2020) 
God bless ur hustle
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Anonymous  (Dec 05, 2020) 
I downloaded the album but it isn't playing
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Matthew  (Dec 21, 2020) 
Go straight to your file manager and click on the file it will tell to extract all then you can start enjoying all the beautiful songs
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Anonymous  (Dec 03, 2020) 
Nice one 👍🤜🤜🤜🤝🤝🤝🤝
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Juliet  (Nov 28, 2020) 
Ur songs gives me joy
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Princess  (Nov 27, 2020) 
Your songs talk real life and that's all that matters.
You say the words we dare not voice out.
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Chibaby  (Nov 20, 2020) 
Once one has been through heartbreak, the person relates to all songs,songs that tells of love and pain. Chike, this album is really "the Boo Of The Booless". You have surely heard you have a nice voice and good lyrics over and over again, but you are also really, very brave; baring your heart out...
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Anonymous  (Nov 04, 2020) 
I downloaded the song but its not playing and its not unziping. Pls can can I do guys?
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Rita  (Oct 17, 2020) 
Ur songs re sweet and heartmealting and ur video added to it makes it fantabulous
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Rita  (Oct 17, 2020) 
I mean ur voice
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Gifted  (Oct 12, 2020) 
Love all your songs
Your voice is superb
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Brid  (Oct 09, 2020) 
LOVE your songs
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Nelson  (Oct 02, 2020) 
I love your songs..
It makes me to forget d pains i have..
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LizzyNathy  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Chike God bless you for these album I feel you are singing my heart.
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Medsun  (Dec 06, 2020) 
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Ice bee  (Sep 22, 2020) 
Big up man
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Chabala  (Sep 19, 2020) 
Am Emmanuel chabala from zambia.this is the best album ever in the world
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Ernest Osim  (Sep 16, 2020) 
You are good brother
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Ernest Osim  (Sep 16, 2020) 
It makes me to forget all the pain I have been going turth
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Rita  (Sep 12, 2020) 
Oh Chike! Forgive track sent me all emotional... Much Love
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Liut Michael  (Sep 05, 2020) 
I realy appreaciAte ur effort i love all the track especially SOLDIER U REALLY kill it
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Joseph kalu  (Sep 03, 2020) 
The album isn't playing on my fone
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Anonymous  (Sep 24, 2020) 
Go to download files and unzip it.
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Austine Tri009  (Sep 02, 2020) 
I download the album but it is not playing on my phone, what could be the problem?
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Demarchent  (Sep 10, 2020) 
Go and unzip it
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Anonymous  (Aug 25, 2020) 
My new found love. Thanks to big brother naija
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Anonymous  (Oct 24, 2020) 
Lmaoooooo. He was not in bbn. It was project fame
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Rufus Johnny  (Aug 19, 2020) 
Bro basically am your fan and I will like you Johnny drille & Ric Hassani to do a song together, you guy's are my favorite singers here in Nigeria.
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Big smoke  (Aug 18, 2020) 
Nice work brother
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anonymous  (Aug 17, 2020) 
nice and beautiful songs
full loaded album
finest artist
you are blessed
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Andiyanga Udobong  (Aug 10, 2020) 
Am a true fan of your love songs Chiké.
Is just how I like them!
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Anonymous  (Jul 24, 2020) 
All ur albums are wonderful n life changing tanks a lot bro
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Kabiyesi of uyo  (Jul 21, 2020) 
"@sir white,
Great songs
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Ifunanya  (Jul 14, 2020) 
"Lolz... This guy has my mumu botton just had to download the whole album now I no get choice again....
Good job Guy!!!!"
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Jennifer  (Aug 27, 2020) 
Lol me 2
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Anonymous  (Jun 23, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Apr 17, 2020) 
On replay
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Anonymous  (Apr 12, 2020) 
"Guy great job when I hear of ur music from a friend WhatsApp status I love it
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