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A Better Time Album
  • Artist: Davido
  • Runtime: 54 minutes, 17 Songs
  • Release Date: November 13, 2020
  • Genre: Afrobeats

On his follow-up to A Good Time, Davido promises more style, fun and expression. He delivers exactly that—crooning over warm grooves and infectious melodies. With an ear for both great songwriting and captivating production as well as features with Lil Baby, Young Thug and Nicki Minaj, Davido taps hip-hop aesthetics while proving his status as one of Afrobeats’ biggest stars.

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Davido A Better Time Album Tracklist






Holy Ground

Davido (feat. Nicki Minaj)



Very Special


The Best

Davido (feat. Mayorkun)

Shopping Spree

Davido (feat. Chris Brown & Young Thug)




Davido (feat. Tiwa Savage)


Davido (feat. Mugeez)

La La

Davido (feat. CKay)

So Crazy

Davido (feat. Lil Baby)

Birthday Cake

Davido (feat. Nas & Hit-boy)

I Got A Friend

Davido (feat. Mayorkun & Sho Madjozi)


Davido (feat. Bella Shmurda)

On My Way

Davido (feat. Sauti Sol)

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Gift badgeGift  (Nov 13, 2020) 
We've reuploaded the original audio files for those leaked songs uploaded some days ago.
Please re-download "Holy Ground" "Shopping Spree", "Jowo", "Tanana" and "I Got A Friend".

Holy Ground original version is dope AF.
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Anonymous  (Mar 01) 
God wish day I want to pull up my international boss #davido dmw with my vibes! God have mercy! Being on my mind because I want my international obo to proud of me TGlimiq
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Anonymous  (Feb 16) 
Obo the best
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Akorede mk  (Dec 26, 2020) 
Those song are very legit
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abel david  (Dec 12, 2020) 
The songs are de best of obo of de year and hw will be award for making us nigeria proud
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Iwuanyanwu wisdom  (Dec 12, 2020) 
Utu nne gi dere men keep ur fem and ur davido shut,davido didnt suffer at all bt luk at wizkid he sufered alot to b were he is today,i dont see y u gys are so brain washed by his music,tell him to quit singing he has a bad voice,if v dout me,tell hym to sing one and one infront of u ,u will see dat his voice is lyk dat of cow,u beta stop bragyn and fem ur mouth,am a fan of wizkid and i supor him fully.
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Anonymous  (Dec 15, 2020) 
Bro a legend is a legend we should not fight about music but just enjoy it instead
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Anonymous  (Dec 15, 2020) 
Bro a legend is a legend we should not fight about music but just enjoy it instead
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Anonymous  (Dec 15, 2020) 
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This one just dey shout bush man  (Dec 27, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Dec 31, 2020) 
you must be stupid what have u achieved abeg stop talking trash u can not even type well ewu
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Precious Polycarp  (Jan 03) 
Just imagine how u are letting hate get the better part of u. What kind of struggle are u comparing. Does it mean that becuz Davido was born in a rich home so he doesn't have the capability of producing nice songs. He works in day in and out just to see that he produces the best. One word for u, today, whether u like it or not Davido is being mentioned as one of the best artist in Nigeria, lol u can't even deny it. Stop hating,yes becuz u prefer wizkid doesn't mean u should not see the good things around, we all have preferences don't we????? If u don't like OBO go and die. Just imagine how immature it is to be hating on someone who was born rich and is working tirelessly to give u good music. That's y una never go mature for Nigeria, learn to appreciate good things around and don't let hate rule
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Evans  (Jan 10) 
Be careful
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Anonymous  (Jan 11) 
I thick you don't know what you are saying bro
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Anonymous  (Jan 11) 
I thick you don't know what you are saying bro
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Anonymius  (Feb 04) 
@Anonymous, that's the fat
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Hazzy  (Mar 24) 
no dey whip bucket dey o
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hamisu hamisi rgg  (Dec 06, 2020) 
obo wow nice music
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Anonymous  (Nov 28, 2020) 
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Dj sniper ogoshitta  (Nov 25, 2020) 
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Emmanuel oryiman  (Nov 25, 2020) 
Davido shall be forever remain the father
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Deputy  (Nov 25, 2020) 
30BG to de world
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Ishaya Mbami  (Nov 23, 2020) 
Nice one 👍 Bigupz💧
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Nancy  (Nov 23, 2020) 
Wow those songs are Lit 💋🌈💚💜💙
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Anonymous  (Nov 21, 2020) 
Omo this song is a good song devido keep it up
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legend killer  (Nov 21, 2020) 
O.B.O.the king of music
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Nosahkare faith  (Nov 19, 2020) 
Na only Queen's and king's they listen to baba vibe
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Nosahkare faith  (Nov 19, 2020) 
If O.B.O shout I go download am
OBO the greatest of our time
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Peter charles  (Nov 18, 2020) 
OBO so killed
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DARRY G  (Nov 18, 2020) 
I love both artistes but A Better Time is far better than Made In Lagos. No hate👌
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kizz  (Nov 18, 2020) 
no cap
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Okascarol  (Nov 18, 2020) 
Davido is the father of songs
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Skullbeatz  (Nov 18, 2020) 
There's only one OBO
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Sparkling  (Nov 17, 2020) 
This album na dead🔊🔥
Wahala for who no like O.B.O
The Zip worked perfectly 🙌
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Nosahkare Faith  (Nov 19, 2020) 
Big wahala ooooo
Love OBO
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Bullet Ranks  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Mil made it moe💪💪
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Lil wise Igwe  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Good vibes 💖
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Micheal  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Davido is the best alert(all the best)
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Charlie  (Nov 17, 2020) 
Great album
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Preme icon  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Nice album well arranged
Davido said he is open to ft anybody we might have to drop a track with him soon
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Emres  (Nov 16, 2020) 
This is too bad of justnaija u just make me 😡waste my m.b on this zip u are talking about this is trash.
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GiftbadgeGift  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Oga, sleep.
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
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Champion  (Nov 22, 2020) 
U are mad is ur life not a trash fool😞well is obviously not ur fault dat u are out of ur mind😞
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Anonymous jnr  (Nov 15, 2020) 
Since FEM is included I know this is trash, wasting my data.
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Empress  (Nov 15, 2020) 
Den don't download or maybe u can go sing urs and stop badmouthing
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Nosahkare faith  (Nov 19, 2020) 
And who beg you to download it fuck off and Fem your mouth
like like  Reply 2821 reply1 like
Champion  (Nov 22, 2020) 
U better go change ur name and fem their
like like  Reply 2913 reply1 like
Moses  (Dec 29, 2020) 
Who is begging u
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Adefowora Taiwo Peter  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Love this abulm Wella
Good job davido
Keep more going on
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Itz shutdoski  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Killing me oo baddest
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Nightmare  (Nov 14, 2020) 
You guys should stop including unknown artist's song for download!
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Lii lord  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Love this abulm Wella
Good job davido
Keep it up
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JAGABAN  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Well done boss Obo on top
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Shisound  (Nov 14, 2020) 
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Robinson  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Trash trash trash
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Prodigy  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Aswear this album is full of trash...nothing special about it,burna got the best album followed by wizkid....davido just dey use us cruise....the album wack
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Anonymous  (Nov 14, 2020) 
This is pure hate man... Davido gat it... u just don't like him ...
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Anonymous  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Prodigy shut TF up, OBO for Life ❤️ Davido with another hit ... Naija cruise🤗
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Pop  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Heydey pay make you hype these album bra@Anonymous,
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Just Joseph  (Nov 22, 2020) 
Omo nor let me pause my download ooh
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
SM the FM bam yagayaga🔥🔥🔥💪💪
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Anonymous  (Nov 15, 2020) 
U bam
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Smankelo  (Nov 13, 2020) 
I haven't listen to the album tho but as a Wizkid fan when I look in to the featuring artist I don't doubt that this album is gonna be better than MIL, Wizkid no dey try at all
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Werey dey disguise 👀
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
No album cover for the download
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Lol let's settle this btwn Burma boys twice as tall wizkid MIL and davido album which 1 is ur album of the year 4 me na Burma💕
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Solo mighty  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Mad jam...🔥🔥🔥
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Benjamin  (Nov 13, 2020) 
I love all the songs
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Nanchang Ezra  (Nov 13, 2020) 
nice job the songs make sense i just finished downloading
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
nice job obo i have downloaded all the songs i am enjoying it no bad song in the album. 💪
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Gboly  (Nov 13, 2020) 
You sure? disguise o
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Pop  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Nigga ...these album is shit...let say the tru MTF
these album is wastage of data and time ..even wizzy own na trash too ..but his own is understandable
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Emmanuel  (Nov 13, 2020) 
O.B.O no body can stop you your head dey there
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Spike  (Nov 13, 2020) 
If Eminem na Rap God
OBO Na Sound God 🙏
Dis December DJs Go Flex davido jus made it easy for dem, no bad Songz
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Kerry  (Nov 13, 2020) 
I find it very difficult to download d Aldum here
Av been cliqing on download but is not downloading
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TheBossbadgeTheBoss  (Nov 13, 2020) 
try and restart your browser
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You say  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Sure say no be your phone or browser be the issue because me i don download am. Since
like like  Reply 2724 reply0 like
Darmzy  (Nov 13, 2020) 
If Wizkid no take time Davido go sign am 😁
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Son  (Nov 13, 2020) 
Alaye go listen to music
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dh  (Nov 14, 2020) 
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Shit  (Nov 16, 2020) 
Full of trash nigga .... @dh,
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Hazzan  (Nov 18, 2020) 
Guy na ur family davido go buy, not our own 🌟 boy
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Vida  (Nov 28, 2020) 
Who told u go and sit down joor
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benjamin  (Nov 13, 2020) 
This jam is so crazy
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